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Truth | Sweatshirt feminista blush

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Hi I’m Sojourner
I am known for being a powerful anti-slavery spokesperson. I managed to escape slavery and went to Canada, bringing only my youngest son with me. After the abolition in New York, in 1829, I returned. You know, since I was young, I had visions and heard voices, which I felt came from God. I decided to change my name from Isabella to Sojourner Truth and left New York to preach in camps, churches and streets spreading the message of God, kindness and brotherhood. And that naturally led to my fight for women’s rights. As a human rights advocate in 19th century America, I delivered what is now recognized as one of the most famous abolitionist and women’s rights speeches in American history – “Ain’t I a Woman?”. I continued to speak out for these causes during the Civil War and died in 1883. But I like to believe, as I once said, that I haven’t died. I “went home like a shooting star”.

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