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Muraro Tote bag | Manifest

Tote bag produced with organic cotton and printed with the Peryod Manifest.


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Hello, I am Rose Marie Muraro.

I was born practically blind in 1930 into one of the wealthiest families in Brazil at the time. At the age of 15, when my father died suddenly and my family got into disputes over the inheritance, I realized that my path would be to reject these origins and dedicate my life to building a new world – a more just and freer world. I combined my strength with Father Helder Câmara’s integrating his team and creating social movements that changed all of Brazil in the 1950s.

I studied Physics and Economics, was a writer and editor. I am proud to have published polemic, contesting and innovative books. I am even prouder to have been one of the pioneers of the feminist movement in Brazil and to have founded the two most important social movements in Brazil in the 20th century: the women’s emancipation movement and liberation theology.

I received countless awards. I was elected 9 times “Woman of the Year”, 2 times “Woman of the Century” and in 1994 “Intellectual of the Year”.

In the mid-1990s I challenged my own limits and regained my sight after undergoing surgery. I saw the world for the first time at the age of 65.

In 2013 I left this world, but in it I left 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren, the outcome of my marriage of 23 years. I also left as cultural heritage the Cultural Institute Rose Marie Muraro (ICRM).

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