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Kimura | Maskk x Peryod.


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Maskk One is the highly breathable social mask with adjustable straps for a flawless fit. It is made with extremely smooth materials for a perfect touch. Maskk One makes personal protection less clinical and more exciting by offering a creative design. Your safety, and the safety of your loved ones, can now be an enjoyable experience

Hi, I’m Komako Kimura

I was born in Japan where I received a traditional education.
I was taught to read, recite poetry, cook, play string instruments, but most importantly, I was taught to obey my future husband and be a good wife.
What I enjoyed the most was acting and reading. So I read a lot, and specially, a lot of feminist works.
These readings had a great influence on my upbringing and when I was only 14, I decided to run away.
I literally jumped out of the carriage that was taking me to my fixed wedding. I hid myself and sold my wedding dress to get money for a train ticket.
I moved to another city where I managed to live the life I wanted. I got a job as a dancer, which eventually made me famous.
I was an actress and a writer. But little by little I was boycotted by the government of my country. I got arrested and went to trial. But they couldn’t punish me! I defended all the unfounded accusations so well that the trial gained a lot of notority in the press and brought the word “suffrage” to every district.
In 1917 I travelled to New York where I ended up living the rest of my life.
But do you know the true reason why I took this trip? To join the march for suffrage, to be able to study with other suffragettes and raise funds to continue the feminist struggle in Japan.

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