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Amelia | Feminist grey short-sleeved t-shirt

Crew Neck T-shirt


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Hi I’m Amelia  

I guess I helped women believe that they can fly high, if they wish so. I was a  pioneer in aviation, because I was a woman. This was the beginning of the 20th  century and women were not supposed to enjoy planes. I was the first person to fly  alone above the Atlantic Ocean. I am proud of that. I was also a defender of  women’s rights and got involved with the “Ninety-Nines”, an association devoted  to raise the morale of women who wanted to become pilots. I wrote many books  about my passion and always fought to pursue my dreams. I guess what my life  shows is that we just need to believe in ourselves and be courageous. If for that one  needs to defy conventions, just don’t let fear stop you

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