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Colgante de colores para movil

Hi, I’m Rose Louise, but you may know me as Rosa Parks.
I became famous because on December 1, 1955, I openly refused to give up my seat on the bus to a white man, which served as the spark for the movement called the Montgomery bus boycott and would later mark the beginning of the anti-segregationist struggle.
On that day I sat in a seat destined for people of color, but because the bus was full, the driver told me to give up my seat to a white man who was standing. I refused and was arrested for it. After that act of courage, we carried out a boycott of Montgomery buses. Over a 381-day period, more than 40,000 passengers stopped using the bus, creating a huge financial deficit for city public transportation, and demanding an end to racial segregation. In 1956, we did it! Racial segregation in public transportation was ruled unconstitutional.
I became an icon for this movement, true, but with it also came sanctions, difficulties in getting a job, and even death threats. I felt forced to move more than once in my life in order to escape these threats. But nothing stopped my determination, and I continued my journey as a human rights and equality activist.

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