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Kimura | Maskk x Peryod.


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Maskk One es la mascarilla social altamente respirable con correas ajustables para una mayor comodidad. Está hecha con materiales extremadamente suaves que proporcionan un toque perfecto. Maskk One hace que la protección personal sea menos fría y más divertida al ofrecer un diseño creativo. Su seguridad y la de sus seres queridos puede ser ahora una experiencia agradable.

Hi, I’m Komako Kimura

I was born in Japan where I received a traditional education.
I was taught to read, recite poetry, cook, play string instruments, but most importantly, I was taught to obey my future husband and be a good wife.
What I enjoyed the most was acting and reading. So I read a lot, and specially, a lot of feminist works.
These readings had a great influence on my upbringing and when I was only 14, I decided to run away.
I literally jumped out of the carriage that was taking me to my fixed wedding. I hid myself and sold my wedding dress to get money for a train ticket.
I moved to another city where I managed to live the life I wanted. I got a job as a dancer, which eventually made me famous.
I was an actress and a writer. But little by little I was boycotted by the government of my country. I got arrested and went to trial. But they couldn’t punish me! I defended all the unfounded accusations so well that the trial gained a lot of notority in the press and brought the word “suffrage” to every district.
In 1917 I travelled to New York where I ended up living the rest of my life.
But do you know the true reason why I took this trip? To join the march for suffrage, to be able to study with other suffragettes and raise funds to continue the feminist struggle in Japan.

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