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Pack Maria – Mummy + Child

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Camiseta tie dye con la frase «Proudly Feminist» en tallas de adulto y «Proudly raised by a feminist» en talla de niños.


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Hi, I’m Maria
I trained to be a doctor because I had a genuine passion for the human being. Specially, for the human mind at its younger stage, when we are children. Our choices, our instinct, our behavior fascinated me, and this is why I developed my career as an educator. I worked in several schools applying specific teaching methods with
the ambitious vision «To educate for life». What I meant here was not to enable children to have straight A’s in all subjects throughout their school life. I was more concerned with empowering them to grow autonomously, with confidence about their environment and by respecting their individual traits.
This was the 19th century. I was one of the first women to graduate as a doctor, back in Italy. I was a misfit to the norm, but I was happy pursuing my mission. I know the «Montessori method» was controversial for the status quo. But luckily, also beautifully inspiring to have spread all over the world with many successors today. I am grateful to have seen my work being recognized. I addressed UNESCO on the theme ‘Education and Peace’ in 1947 and have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for three consecutive years: 1949, 1950 and 1951. I never stopped believing freedom is the best tool to learn and that children have the transformative potential to better the adult world.
So, I challenge you today to discover something new with a child!

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