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Betty | Camiseta feminista con hombreras color negra

Camiseta de Hombros Acolchada


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Hi I’m Betty  

Or Babe … I was the first woman ever to win a gold medal for the Olympic 100 m  for women. I was just 16. I was inexperienced and young, next to my peers at this  run, but I won. How I got here is a funny story. I was running after a train and my  teacher saw me. He timed me and gave me my first training in sprinting. This is  how started my athlete career. After my success in the 1928 Olympics, I continued  to run in school and college tournaments, bringing home records. In the outdoor  nationals of 1929, the chairman of the national committee on women’s athletics  thought he was being complementary when he wrote “the most sensational  performances of the meet” from “the slim, smiling Chicago girl, who runs like a  man”. Hmmm, like a man? No way, I ran proudly like a girl! Everything was going  well. I loved what I was doing. But in 1931, I was in a plane crash. After being in a  coma, I was forced to drop my participation in the 1932 Olympics because I was in  a wheelchair. I worked hard and managed to recover from this near tragedy. It was a slow and painful way out, but my passion for running helped me surpass all this  and I tried for the 1936’s Olympics. It was such a struggle, I had to work overtime,  but I did it!  


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