Elimination of Violence Against Women

During the month of November, Peryod wants to alert you to the importance of exposing violence in a relationship!

Elimination of Violence Against Women

The UN created the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This is celebrated annually on November 25. This day against Women aims to draw attention to the various types of violence that affect mainly women. Violence can take many forms, and physical violence may or may not occur in parallel with other types of violence. But all of them are forms of violence!

Violence can be physical, psychological, sexual, and/or social.

A person is using psychological violence when: he/she insults, yells, humiliates, threatens, or is controlling, among others.

Social violence happens when you are coerced to not be with friends, or family, or even when your partner accesses your phone to control you.

In sexual violence, you are forced to have physical contact against your will.

You are in a situation of physical violence when your physical integrity is at stake.

In Portugal, since the beginning of the year 2022, until June 30, there have been 17 fatal victims – 16 women and 1 child.

Violence in a relationship is a regular pattern of behavior that aims to control the other.

A relationship should strengthen you and never diminish you. In a good relationship, there should be respect, trust, support, safety, honesty, and freedom.

Some signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship:

– They belittle your principles and values;
– You distance yourself from friends and family;
– You don’t speak your mind;
– Trying to change your personality to please the other person;
– Not having a say in decisions that are being made;
– You often feel guilty;
– You are controlled.

This month, our donations go to AMCV – Association of Women Against Violence.

This NGO aims to promote Human Rights, specifically the Rights of Women, Youth, and Children, and combat all forms of Violence and Discrimination.

Seek help, there are several specialized services able to clarify and support you in dealing with abusive relationships and building healthy relationships.

Ask for help! Report it! The support provided is confidential and free of charge.

International Help Lines


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