Bianca – Disney’s new plus-size protagonist

For a more inclusive and real-world from childhood. “Reflect” is Disney’s new short film that tells the story of Bianca a young plus-size dancer who struggles with body dysmorphia.

Bianca – Disney’s new plus-size protagonist

In 2020, Disney launched Short Circuit, which is an experimental and innovative program that challenges its employees to tell a story – “If you could tell any story with the team of talented artists at Walt Disney Animation Studios, what would you create?”. “Puddles”, “Cycles”, and “Going Home” are some of the many short films that have come out and been successful!

“Reflect” is the latest release, which premiered September 14, and focuses on the issue of body image and the importance of developing and protecting self-esteem.

Bianca is the protagonist, a young ballerina who “struggles against her own reflection, overcoming doubt and fear, channeling her inner strength, grace, and power.” This is represented when she stands in front of the mirror and her image slowly begins to blur, symbolizing the way she looks at herself.

Bianca suffers from body dysmorphia – a psychological disorder in which there is an excessive preoccupation with the body, causing the person to overvalue small imperfections or even imagine them. This negatively impacts self-esteem and affects life at work, school, and socializing with friends and family.

This disorder affects men and women equally, especially in adolescence, and can be influenced by genetic or environmental factors.

The short film was directed by Hillary Bradfield and quickly went viral on social media for good reason. Many people have identified with the story represented by Bianca and are very interested in watching it.

At Peryod we aim to give voice to these issues to help and inspire someone who is going through these kinds of problems.

These are some tips to improve your self-esteem:

– Focus on self-knowledge;

– Be aware of the behavior that’s negative for yourself;

– Don’t focus only on what you don’t like;

– Take a break every day to appreciate your qualities;

– Take care of yourself;

– Exercise for your health;

– Don’t compare yourself to others;

– Don’t seek perfection, it doesn’t exist.


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