Bertha von Suttner

The first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bertha von Suttner

Born on June 9, 1843 in Prague under the name Bertha Felicie Sophie Gräfin Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau. 

She studied music, specializing in operas and languages. Her life was devoted almost entirely to literature. Her work that received the most prominence was “Down with Arms!”

At the age of 30, still unmarried, she got a job as a maid of companionship to four daughters and a son of Baron von Suttner in Vienna. She fell in love with the son, Arthur von Suttner, and was fired. 

Bertha and Arthur married in secret and as the pressure from his family was such, the couple left the city, of Vienna, and went to live in the Caucasus, where they stayed for nine years. 


In 1885 they had a pardon from Arthur’s family and returned to Austria-Hungary, where Bertha von Suttner wrote most of her books and many novels. 

In 1891, Bertha helped organize the first International Peace Congress in Vienna, founded the Austrian Society of Friends of Peace, and was elected vice-president of the International Peace Office during the 3rd World Peace Congress in Rome.

In 1892 she founded, together with A. H. Fritar, a newspaper devoted to Peace, which circulated until 1899. That year she committed herself to Alfred Nobel to keep him informed of the world peace process.


Bertha von Suttner, with her husband, worked hard for the Czar’s support by helping him organize, from a manifesto to the 1899 Hague Peace Conference, arranging public meetings, and forming committees.

In 1905 she was the first woman in history to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. 

In 1914 she died of cancer while in preparations for the 23rd World Congress.



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