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Vida Norte


“Vida Norte” is an IPSS (Private Institution of Social Solidarity) operating in the Porto and Braga areas, and its main mission is to support pregnant women and babies in fragile situations.

Founded in 1999, it was created by a group of citizens moved by the same cause. Over the years, it has been building its methodology of intervention and today has a specialized technical team for the monitoring of families.

Currently, they monitor an average of 100 pregnant women and families per month, from pregnancy until the baby is 18 months old, with a strong focus on empowerment so that, at the end of the monitoring period, the mother can independently follow a structured and happy family plan.

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Vida Norte’s intervention is based on each person’s potential and capacity for transformation and improvement. For this reason, the establishment of a close and trusting relationship plays a key role in this process. They accompany the mother from pregnancy until the baby is 18 months old, through appointments and home visits.


The educational training is the basis for the achievement of greater social inclusion. For this very reason, they are strongly committed to empowering families in parenting and maternal-infant health. They have many partners, such as CUF Porto Hospital and UCC Cuidar, which ensure biweekly sessions for the families.


Professional integration is one of the main goals of the Vida Norte intervention, with a goal of a more autonomous future. They prepare mothers and fathers for the job market, promoting key skills and facilitating contact with potential employers. They want them to (re)define and (re)build their career path, in a new direction more in line with their skills and potential, for a more confident, independent, and happy path.

Helping in the decision-making process

Vida Norte has a technical team entirely available and prepared to help all pregnant women who have doubts or are considering a voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVG), contributing to more informed, conscious, and responsible decision-making.


Education for prevention is a clear commitment of Vida Norte. They promote an active reflection in the school context about decision-making in the field of sexuality, to reduce the rate of unexpected/unwanted pregnancies.

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