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An organization that’s passionate about providing the best care for survivors of slavery and exploitation.

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Ella’s is a London-based organization working with women who have survived trafficking and sexual exploitation. They are committed to providing the best care for as many survivors as they can.

Their vision is to see people free from slavery and exploitation.

Their mission is to ensure survivors of trafficking and exploitation have all they need to recover and build lives that are safe and free.


Safehouse accommodation for women when they are most vulnerable,
Care to help them recover and move forward,
Long-term community-based support to help survivors build safe,
Independent lives.

Their team provides regular, direct support for more than 30 people and families, and help when needed for dozens more across their network.



Their work is professional and high-quality and makes a powerful and lasting difference in the lives of survivors.


They value and respect the people they work with and treat every person as an individual. Community and friendship are at the heart of what they do.


They walk with women on their journey of recovery, no matter how hard. They are passionate and speak out loudly for kindness, equality, and justice.


Their organization is named after a real woman, Ella. She had been exploited since childhood, and then trafficked from her home country to Thailand and later to London, trapped in the sex trade for years. Ella was sick and felt unsafe, and desperately wanted to start a new life. She attempted to get out but was too scared to share her story with the UK authorities. For this reason, Ella wasn’t entitled to any support. She felt unable to break free and fell back into exploitation.

Ella’s was launched in 2014 by Emily Chalke, working with Paul Unsworth. They opened their first safe house in 2016 and became an independent charity in 2020.

Their organization exists to address dangerous gaps in the system and provide survivors of trafficking and exploitation with a real chance to recover and stay free.


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