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Us Four

“No matter what, women are winners”

Mónica, Rita, Mafalda and Graça

Mónica, Rita, Mafalda and Graça

Work brought us together, but our hearts thinking alike is what made us stick forever.

One day, we decided to join hands under the name of peryod. This brand exists to bring you clothes that speak for us four, for you, for all women and people who stand for respect and equality. Peryod. also wants to help women around the globe and therefore every year we hand part of our profit to women’s organizations. Conscious thinking and doing is in our nature. Our clothes are designed and produced in Portugal by experienced practitioners and the materials, the supply and distribution chains are carefully chosen.

Our aim is not perfection. We just want to contribute to HERstory in history. Want to join us in our purpose? Stop by @peryod.thebrand and share your story.