20 Resolutions for 2023

The beginning of a new year is always a time of reflection where we set personal and professional goals. In this article, we put together some resolutions for 2023. Which of these will you also follow through with?

20 Resolutions for 2023


1. Treat feminism and equality as synonymous.
Because they are.

2. Normalize menstruation.
Do not refer to menstruation as if it were a “forbidden” or “dirty” word.

3. Learn self-defense techniques.
Enroll in classes and bring my friends along as well. Participate in physical activities that make me feel stronger.

4. Don’t be judgmental of other women.
For a more inclusive and united world. Because together we are stronger.

5. Learn to say no.
Confidence is key.

6. Do not doubt my capacities.
Not to doubt me or my choices.

7. To smile when I want to and not because I have to.
Not focusing on what other people are thinking, focusing more on myself, my wants and needs.

8. Stay away from toxic people.
Put my happiness first.

9. Celebrate all my successes.
Mine and those of all the women in my life.

10. Help others.
Volunteer or donate to women’s centers and associations.

11. Fight for equal pay between genders.
Have open conversations about salary, do research on the average pay and find out where I stand in relation to my male colleagues. Again, transparency is key to moving forward.

12. Embrace my emotions.
Not hiding my feelings, allowing myself to feel and not being afraid to do so.

13. Fight for what I believe in and stand for.
Fight for causes that are close to my ideals.

14. Not to impose stereotypes.
Whether to people or social groups, do not assign stereotypes. Because many times they are prejudiced and unfounded.

15. Point out inequity where I see it, whether at work, with friends, or online.
It is a duty to give voice to situations that repress or harm someone.

16. Support the work of local, little-known creators.
Women, people of other ethnicities, religions, LGBTQ, immigrants, and many more!  Reading their books, watching their films, and recognizing their messages are a great help.

17. Stop supporting brands that sexualize and objectify women’s bodies.
Invest in brands with a positive mission and that promote the diversity of all body types in campaigns.

18. Look at the not-so-good things as learning experiences.
I won’t blame myself for trying and not working out. Making mistakes is part of the learning and growth process.

19. Normalize getting out of situations that make me uncomfortable.
I can’t stay in a situation that doesn’t bring me anything positive, for whatever reason.

20. Take care of myself.
Love and accept myself just as I am.




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